Monday, January 1, 2007



This blog is a collection of words and images about buildings I have visited and my own architectural projects. This blog was started in December 2008 and posts have been dated at the time I visited the buildings.

I am currently living in New York. New York is the sixth city I have lived in and during my travels I visited many buildings and felt that the experience of being physically present in a building is considerably more valuable and meaningful than studying the buildings through text and photographs.

It is the spatial experience and the atmosphere of the building which can not be fully captured in reproductions or words which forms a memory of a space in the mind which informs the way we design and imagine our own projects and also help us understand what it is that we are studying and reading about.

It has also given me a sense of purpose when traveling which has taken me to parts of cities I otherwise would not have visited and which are often without the throngs of tourists which visit more popular landmarks.

This blog was begun to compile the many photos I have of buildings and arrange and re-present them as a way of forming a more thorough documentation of my architectural research.