Sunday, February 4, 2007

Isis Apartments

Domain road

Isis Apartments (2007) designed by Wood Marsh Architects is a bold monolithic form containing eight apartments. The building was inspired by the free-standing and symmetrical mansions along Domain Road. The building maintains the setbacks of the surrounding buildings and places the building within the the surrounding walled gardens.

The required setbacks have been achieved by creating a tapered pyramidal form reinforcing the singularity of the building. The three facades that are visible from Domain Road are symmetrical reinforcing the reference to the neo-classical mansions of the area. Balconies are recessed within the form.

The building is clad in finely detailed terracotta tiles with deeply recessed fenestration. The material is a reinterpretation of the common use of terracotta, mainly as a roofing material, and brick, in the neighborhood.

The multi-residential building reinforces the scales and rhythm of the street which is created from large private homes and apartment buildings without mimicking historical styles.

Wood Marsh Architecture

Isis Apartments


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