Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oslo Opera House

Opera House

The Oslo Opera House (2007) designed by Norwegian architects Snøhetta is located in Bjorvika in the centre of Oslo. The 38,500m² building contains two theatres, one with 1,350 seats and one with 400 seats.

The tiered and sloping form of the building clad in white marble evokes the feeling of a natural landform similar to that of glaciers and mountains. The connection to the water and ability for people to move up the ramps on the roof of the building creates a strong connection to both the landscape, the city and it's inhabitants. The building is both distinctly Norwegian and for the people of Norway. This careful balance of cultural specificity and the buildings role in the city and function creates a fantastic cultural building which has been quickly adopted by the city.

The foyer is clad in oak battens which gives the foyer a warmth and texture which is different from the marble clad exterior. The intimacy is enhanced as one enters the circulation around the main auditorium that is clad completely in timber.

Opera House, Oslo

Oslo Opera House

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