Monday, February 2, 2009


De Kunstlinie

The Kunstlinie(2006) designed by Japanese Architects, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, is a theatre located in Almere's city centre. The building is located on the shore of the "Weerwater" lake.

The building contains two large theatres, offices, and a number of ancillary spaces for smaller performances, rehearsals and administration. The planning of the spaces is achieved without the use of corridors or hallways meaning people pass through different spaces and functions to reach their destination. Throughout the building views to the water and various qualities of light are visible through the glass facades. The thinness of detailing that is typical of SANAA's work is noticeable in the Kunstlinie although the materials and detailing were made thicker by the Dutch construction company to satisfy dutch building regulations, satisfy acoustic and thermal insulation requirements and be suitable for the Dutch climate.

The building is a welcome and calming piece of architecture in Almere which exhibits considerably more restraint than it's neighbours. It successfully establishes a stronger relationship with the water and the various lighting effects and reflections that it causes than it does with the new city center.

The interior spaces are minimally detailed and predominantly white. Openings often replace an entire wall and load bearing walls leave the interior largely column free.
The overall impression is one of calm and a constant awareness of the lake, whilst the choice of materials and detailing leaves the spaces colder and more austere than poetic. The full height foyer spaces are impressive and clearly orientate the visitor within the building.

De Kunstlinie

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