Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nagakin Capsule Tower

Kisho Kurokawa Nakagin Capsule Tower

The Nagakin Capsule Tower (1970) in Tokyo designed by Kisho Kurakawa is one of the best examples of Metabolist Architecture in which independent and interchangeable parts are connected to a permanant core. Kurokawa designed the rooms as independent units which are plugged into a concrete core allowing the rooms to be altered or replaced as necessary. Due to lack of maintenance and neglect the building is in danger of being demolished and the composition of the units has remained unchanged since completion.

The building is 14-storeys high and contains 140 units that were designed to provide economical housing for Tokyo businessmen who worked long hours.

After visiting the building it seemed to be one of the most inspiring failures of modern architecture I have seen.

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