Friday, December 5, 2008

Storefront for Art and Architecture


Storefront for Art and Architecture is a small gallery space located in New York. The project is a collaboration between Vito Acconci, a New York based artist, and Steven Holl, a New York based Architect. The project replaced the existing ground floor facade with a playful operable facade of twelve panels that pivot vertically and horizontally to open the entire gallery directly onto the street.

The large openings allow the small gallery space to appear larger than it is and by appropriating the footpath along the length of the facade accommodate large numbers of visitors during gallery openings. The operable openings create a dynamic relationship between interior and exterior and allows the small facade to appear in myriad ways by changing the configuration of the panels.

This small project has been highly influential and successfully applies ideas which many architects have tried to create an adaptable, functional and dynamic space for the display of exhibitions.

Storefront was renovated last year and the facade cladding replaced.

Storefront for Art and Architecture

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